Tinder APK Download : How to Use Tinder Without Facebook?

Facebook has become so essential in both day to day life of people and also in using the various social platform. Nearly all the social media websites follow the like button as that of Facebook. There is perhaps no other websites which don’t carry any similarity as that of Facebook.

Every social media platforms require the Facebook log in approval and its services to log in. TINDER is not new to it, it also requires the Facebook authentication for logging in to the website. Facebook gives people easy access to all the social media platforms.

Tinder APK Download for Android : Use Tinder without Facebook

However, this accessibility of your social media platform through Facebook is not always perishable. Likewise, many people are not comfortable in getting their other social media platforms knowing the privacy and contact list of Facebook. Many social media websites don’t have their own platform to comment or give any feedback, they require the plug-in of Facebook login from their users.

Tinder apk download : use tinder without facebook

Not all users are comfortable sharing their personal data with all other users. So they opt not to sign in at these particular social media accounts. We will discuss the way of using Tinder without the use of Facebook. It will be very nice if Tinder can be used without sign in from the Facebook account. We will discuss the process for all types of devices, so don’t worry about the type of devices you are using.

Why is Tinder Apk Linked with Facebook?

As it has been already known fact that Facebook is so wildly accepted as the key to many social media platforms. There are a number of reasons of Tinder Apk using Facebook as the social plugin. The immense popularity of Facebook adds to the popularity of Tinder too. The reasons why Facebook is linked with Tinder are as follows:

  • The most important reason of Tinder linking with Facebook is security from the fake accounts. Thus providing a protective shield against general abuse of fake accounts. Tinder from this checks the background of a person who is he and he is real or not.
  • With the popularity of what the social media Facebook carries with itself, the Tinder gets more sign up and trusts from various users which are quite useful for Tinder getting linked with Facebook.
  • Tinder directly uses the user’s pics and photos from their Facebook profile and various other details of the users have also attached with Tinder with the help of Facebook automatically. Thus this linking between Tinder and Facebook helps the user to overcome the dismay and time taken in making their profile complete.

Ways to use Tinder Without Facebook :

Officially, Tinder can’t be used without Facebook. Either user can switch themselves off from using this app or they have two suitable solutions of using the Tinder app without reviling the real identity of themselves. The solutions related to the problem are as follows:


1.changing the Tinder priorities option from the Facebook application.

2.create a new Facebook account to use Tinder app.

Change Tinder Apk Application Priorities in Facebook Account

To change the priorities of the Tinder application in Facebook account users have to follow few simple steps. The steps are as follows:

  • Users have to first log into their Facebook account.
  • Click on the lock icon on the Facebook account and go to the settings of your Facebook account.
  • Go to the option of apps through the various option present in the settings option of the Facebook account. Select the Tinder app from the various apps linked with users Facebook account.
  • Change the privacy of the Tinder app to only me.

Following are the steps are given above about the application priorities of Tinder app linked with the Facebook account.

Creating a New Facebook Account:

In case the user doesn’t want their Facebook account to be associated with their Tinder account. The only Way to change is by creating a new Facebook account for using the Tinder app. Facebook sign up process is very simple and if you don’t know the method to sign up for Facebook, you can follow some simple steps to do so:

  • Go to Facebook.com from your browser.
  • Enter all your details including your name, date of birth etc. And before entering the email address make sure that the email address is right and active.

By this easy steps, users can easily sign up for a new Facebook account for use of their Tinder application.


These are the two methods of using Tinder without Facebook. However, users can contact the customer support of Tinder to provide them the idea of providing a way of signing without the use of Facebook.

New WhatsApp Update Allows You to Play YouTube videos Within The App

With the latest beta version of WhatsApp, we have seen an interesting new feature: the ability to block the recording of voice notes so that you do not have to keep your finger . So important – or expected – was this novelty that it has completely eclipsed another good tool that is also very close.

As we read on the Android Authority website , in the version v2.18.102 have also introduced changes that will make it much easier to play YouTube videos . And now we will not have to stop attending our conversations.

The developers of the popular messaging application are preparing the ground so that in a very short time we can enjoy YouTube content directly from WhatsApp , without having to resort to the own app of the video platform or to third-party navigators, in the same way as It already happens in other messaging systems such as Telegram.

New WhatsApp Update Allows You to Play YouTube videos Within The App


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In addition, Google wants the applications to be compatible with the picture-in-picture system that was announced with the launch of Android Oreo 8.0 and the developers of WhatsApp would already have their adaptation ready. In this way, we could continue moving around the application while playing the video in a small pop-up window, more conveniently than when using multitasking. This is something that Telegram, for example, does not allow.

For the moment, as you know, to enjoy these advantages it is necessary to have the beta version of the application . If you do not belong to that group of users, do not fear, you will only have to wait a few days or weeks until they arrive officially through the Google Play Store and be able to use them in your day-to-day life.